Suggested Scent: Lavender, Eucalyptus

Caring for vintage fabrics does not have to be difficult. A good soaking in Eucalan can often be just the trick to remove odour, discolouration, or to simply clean it after wearing. We recommend using our Lavender or Eucalyptus scents when laundering vintage items for their moth-inhibiting properties.

  • Remove cloth covered buttons before washing to avoid rusting.
  • Do not ring or twist delicate seams, stitching, or embellishments. Instead, lay item between thick towels and roll to get rid of excess water. The machine spin cycle can be used for heavier items, but do not agitate.
  • Always test for colourfastness before washing. Test on an interior seam or in an inconspicuous place. See our guide to testing colourfastness here. 
  • Steaming wrinkles out with a steamer is best for vintage garments.
  • After first wash, you can upkeep by applying a light spray of Eucalan and water, rather than a full soak.
  • The key is patience and persistence.