Test for Colourfastness

Colourfast is the ability of a fabric to maintain the same colour without fading or running even if washed, placed in harsh light, or exposed to perspiration. We advise testing the colourfastness of your pieces before laundering to prevent colour-bleeding through the water.


Most dyes used on yarn are reactive dyes and stand up to washing in 120 degree F. water. If a yarn was dyed at a high temperature it can stand up to that temperature without shrinking or fading.

  • Place the swatch of fabric or clip of yarn in a jar with water and the cleaning agent you intend to use.
  • Shake the jar to see if the water changes colour and how many suds you get.
  • If colour appears, use caution.

  • Dampen an inside seam.
  • Wait a minute or two and blot with a white cotton cloth.
  • If colour appears, use caution.