Suggested Scent: Unscented

Our customers have praised the benefits of using Eucalan on their pets for over 30 years. The lanolin helps to condition their skin and hair/fur. No-Rinse means that if they scurry away mid-wash, you can be assured they’re still clean and safe from chemical residue. Our suggested scents are Eucalyptus to help to repel fleas & flies, Lavender to ease anxiety & promote rest, or Unscented for sensitive skin. 

In 2020, the National Library of Medicine completed a study on the use of essential oils in treating antibacterial and fungal infections in animals. They state “In the last years, some veterinarians have introduced Essential Oils in the therapy of animals for different purposes, including to combat different pathogens. However, the studies available in the scientific literature regarding the employment of EOs in veterinary medicine are few in number.”

Because there is insufficient research on the topic, using essential oils on your pet is a personal choice. However, more and more we see their use suggested by trusted professionals. Most sources suggest diluting to a 1% dilution rate. There is less than 1% of essential oils in Eucalan’s formula which is by no means the same as using full-strength essential oil on skin or inhaling droplets of essential oil. In addition, Eucalan is then further diluted into the basin of water.

If you choose to avoid essential oils on/around your pets, Eucalan’s Unscented is the perfect option.

Cleaning Instructions For:

  • Add 5mL/1tsp or 15mL/1 T Eucalan to basin/laundry tub. Fill with water.
  • Wash pet in the Eucalan/water mixture.
  • Rinse pet but if they dash away, it's ok - Eucalan won't harm their coat/skin is.
  • Remove pet from water and towel dry.

  • Get animal thoroughly wet.
  • Rub full strength Eucalan onto the fur/hair. Start with small amounts as a little goes a long way.
  • Rinse most of soap off animal.
  • Towel dry to get most of the water off animal.

  • Depending upon size of item, you may want to wash in washing machine, in a large tub outdoors or a bath tub.
  • Wash according to directions.
  • Tumble dry small items in dryer on low setting with a tennis ball or dryer balls. Dry larger items outside on clothes line or draped over picnic table or fence.

  • Spread blanket flat on the floor/ground.
  • Soak with a hose and then dribble Eucalan randomly on blanket.
  • Scrub with a clean stable brush.
  • Rinse off the dirty water and hang on fence to dry.