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Spotlight on Silk

March 9, 2023


Silk is a natural fibre known for its lustre, shine, strength, and durability. It has a long trading history across the world. Naturally soft and unlike other fabrics, it does not require treatment by chemical agents to obtain its luxuriously smooth feel. This means that silk products can be incredibly soft and smooth, while also being non-toxic and free from harsh additives.  

Enjoying Silk Items

Silk is often thought of for special occasions. It is top of mind for bridal wear, formal wear, and the special lingerie items that accompany those designs. The beautiful drape and lustrous appearance make silk a natural choice for fancy events. 

An easy way in which to elevate an outfit from casual to classy is to add silk. A silk blouse in a rich colour or silk tie in a woven pattern, give the ensemble a little extra oomph. Silk scarves are an easy lightweight touch of warmth as well as an elegant accessory. 


Sleeping in Silk

From brands like Lunya to Blissy, sleeping in silk is the height of luxury. If a whole bedding set is out of reach, a silk pillowcase or sleeping mask can allow you to enjoy the benefits of sleeping in silk; there’s no extra friction to your skin or hair that could cause wrinkles or damage. In fact, moisturizers will stay where you’ve applied them.

A natural property of silk is that it is thermoregulating. You won’t overheat or be cold while you sleep between silk sheets or in silk pajamas. 


Storing and Caring for Silk Items

Proper care and store of silk items is key to their longevity. A gentle wash, usually by hand and turning the item inside out, is best. Drying flat (meaning the item is air dried to keep the garment in its natural shape on a flat surface) avoids additional stress or tension. If you have a number of silk items, you can wash them together to save time and water, but don’t just toss them in a regular load of laundry! 

Silk washes beautifully with Eucalan. PJ's, sheets, and good blouses come out soft and keep their colour. Choose our Lavender scent for a blissful, relaxing sleep in your silk pajamas and bedding, Jasmine for a dash of romance, or unscented if you are scent sensitive. 

Don’t forget you can always reference Eucalan’s Laundry Lessons for tips to care for all your garments, gowns, accessories and delicates. With our no-rinse formula, you’ll find washing your most beloved and most seemingly complicated pieces are simpler than expected!

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