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Plan the Perfect Summer Party

July 8, 2022

We recently fell down the Pinterest rabbithole of gorgeous party ideas. It’s summer time, the evenings are warm and it stays light longer, and we could use a bit of celebrating. So we’ve put together a simple checklist (with lots of inspiration from the help of Pinterest – check out our new Party Planning Board) for planning the perfect summer party!

Choose a Theme

If you’re in the mood for a fun celebration, why not choose a theme for your party? The possibilities are endless. Plan an outdoor BBQ and s’mores around the fire like this ….. Go tropical with a luau themed party – this birthday party from Kara’s Party Ideas is picture perfect! Host a pool or water-themed party to keep things cool on those hot summer nights. Plan an epic backyard movie night. Or pick a region whose cuisine you adore and plan your party around a destination.

Choose a Location

Now it’s time to decide where you’ll host your party. If you’re still concerned about holding events indoors, the outdoors awaits. Make it easy and use your own backyard. Find a local park where you can reserve a spot. Head to the local beach if you’re lucky enough to live near the water, or find a restaurant with an amazing patio. Your location will depend a bit on your theme, and who’s attending, as well as what resources you have at your disposal, but anywhere can become your ideal spot. Do give thought to the weather (whether you’ll need shelter from the elements) and seating, as well as any other needs you may have (power for lighting, restrooms, etc.) And if seating isn’t readily available, you can create your own – check out the boho vibes created by DeetsandThings in the above scene.

Invite your Guests

It’s not a party without guests! Consider how many people you want to invite, whether you want the event to be family friendly or adults only, and who knows whom. You’ll want to check that most of the people you wish to include will be free to attend. You can go as simple as a quick email or phone call, send electronic invitations with Evite, or go old-fashioned and create physical invitations to your big event! Don’t miss the opportunity to send invites that coordinate with your theme and set the stage for the party to come.

Plan Your Menu

Your menu will likely be inspired by your theme, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy! One of the first pins we came across was the mouthwatering 9 Make-Ahead Dishes for Summer Parties from Greatist full of salads, wraps and casseroles you can prepare before the guests arrive. We saw tons of wine and pizza party ideas: set up a toppings bar and let guests create their own mini-pizzas. Pop them in the oven, have a few wine pairings ready to go and voila you’re done! Taco bars, make your own s’mores, BBQ meats with sides, sundaes with all the toppings – there are lots of ideas to set up main ingredients and let each guest created their own perfect meal. And don’t forget the drinks – build yourself a hydration station! For family-friendly ideas we love these 20 recipes for Mocktails, and for adults check out 19 Big Batch Cocktails for the Summer for some inspiration.

Plan your Decor

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to add a little fun to your party. Again, let your theme be your guide and remember to use the bounty of the season. Fresh fruits and flowers can take center stage at a summer party (how fun is this watermelon centerpiece?) Consider your lighting; will you add twinkle lights or candlelight as the evening gets darker? We love these outdoor lighting ideas for inspiration, and lights can even do double duty and repel critters. There’s a wide world of printables that you can make on your own with your own home printer, or you can choose to purchase some pre-made items from party supply or craft stores. Think about creating a fun photo op for guests. A floral arch, a background wall with a banner or balloons and some fun props and everyone will want to take photos to commemorate the event.

Fun and Games

Parties are fun, and if you’ve got kids involved, there should be games! If you’re hosting a pool or water party, you may have things covered, but you can always add sprinklers, water balloons, or kiddie pools for a chance for folks to cool off. Hallmark’s think.make.share blog has fun tips for creating your own summer pinatas if you’d like to add some sweets to the party. If you’re planning for festivities after dark, we love these blacklight and glow in the dark entertainment ideas! If you opted for a backyard movie night here’s a tutorial on how to build your own outdoor theatre – you could complete it with a popcorn and candy bar on the menu. Or just add board games; adults and kids alike can have a great time playing trivia or other fun games!

The Cleanup

Getting the house in shape before folks arrive, or putting it back into shape after they leave can be a little daunting. But Eucalan can help! Our Ultimate Stain Guide can help you clean anything and is available for free when you sign up for our newsletter. And we’ve got tons of ideas on how you can freshen up your home with Eucalan. Finally, Eucalan Stain Treating Towlettes are perfect to have on hand during the party – avert disaster when things get messy!

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas on planning the perfect summer party. Do you have suggestions we didn’t share? Leave us a comment here or tag us in your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #eucalanfan.

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