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An Interview with Camilla Grady, Knitlidt

April 17, 2023

Camilla Grady is an up-and-coming knitting designer from Denmark. Her recent designs feature stewardess scarves. These small scarves are extremely popular in Scandinavia, most especially in Denmark. Camilla particularly loves the effect of seed or moss stitch and it’s beautiful look. Her Seed Scarf (in a merino cashmere blend) and Seed Scarf - Spring Edition (in a cotton silk blend) incorporate this stitch pattern in the design.


Read on for our interview with Camilla and to download your copy of the Seed Scarf-Spring Edition pattern!

Q. Tell us about your knitting origin story.

A. I began knitting when I was 19 years old during my first gap year living in the Faroe Islands.  My Fareose friend and distant family relatives taught me how to knit and I quickly gained interest in adjusting knitting patterns and creating my own designs from scratch. During the COVID-19 lockdown, my knitting abilities really took off and I started making my own Faroese inspired fair isle knitting patterns such as my pillow cases (pattern on the way), "Katrin Mittens" and "Katrin Srunchie". 


Q. Do you have a favorite yarn or colorway?

A. My favorite yarn color is blue and my favorite yarn combination right now is Setasuri and Cool Wool Lace from Lana Grossa - and honestly any yarn that resembles this combination. It is lightweight yet warm, and I enjoy knitting with it on larger needles. 

Q. Where do you draw design inspiration from?

A. I draw a lot of inspiration from the Faroe Islands and its many beautiful patterns. In particular, during the Faroese national holiday (locally known as Ólavsøka), almost the entire Faroese population gather in their Faroese national costume or Faroese sweaters with fantastic traditional knitted fair isle patterns. 


Here is a photo of me in my green national costume. My grandfather’s sister knitted the top, with the same pattern I have named ‘Katrin”. 

Q. What projects do you have in the works currently?

A. Currently, I am working on a quickly knitted dress, "Novice Dress", in Setasuri and Cool Wool Lace that I hope to publish at the end of April (so stay tuned!). The dress is knitted on a size U.S. 17 knitting needle which makes it a quick and light project. I am also working on a children's dress knitted in the same yarn combination but on smaller needles. I have so many ideas that I am working on at the moment and I can hardly keep up with all of them. 


Q. What do you like most about being a knitwear designer?

A. I love the kind of freedom that follows when creating your own knitting patterns because you are allowed to be creative, experiment and be inspired by others. I also get so excited when I see people who have knitted my designs. 

Q. What's the hardest part about being a knitwear designer?

A. I think some of the hardest parts of being a knitting designer is thinking of new ideas and also trying to implement those ideas into fathomable knitting patterns. It is very easy to formulate and understand something I have written myself but will someone else understand it how I intended it? That is the hardest part in my opinion. I also tend to use a no-pattern-just-go-with-it method which often leads to projects having to be frogged 1, 2, or even 5 times which can be quite frustrating. But in the end it results in something good, even great, something that I can be proud to have created.

Q. Do you have a favorite Eucalan scent? 

A. I love the unscented Eucalan wool soap!


Camilla has graciously offered to share her Seed Scarf-Spring Edition pattern with Eucalan fans! 


Again, thank you to Camilla for taking the time to share your work with us! Connect with Camilla on her website, Facebook, and Instagram!

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