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How to Wash a Party Dress with Eucalan

December 16, 2022

A girl in a shiny silver dress reads a book on the floor in front of a lit Christmas tree.

The holidays often mean one thing: party season! Evenings start to fill up with gatherings of friends, family, work parties, and holiday parties. When you’re busy trying to celebrate the season you don’t want to have your favourite party clothes stuck at the dry cleaner. But you don’t have to send those gorgeous dresses out anymore; skip the dry cleaners and care for your dressy clothes at home with Eucalan Delicate Wash!

A woman wears a gold satin dress. Her hand gathers the fabric.
A woman leans against a wall, wearing a short purple sparkly dress.

Eucalan is non-toxic, biodegradable, free of optical brighteners, phosphates, synthetic fragrance and dye – so it’s the perfect choice for taking care of delicate fabrics and items with beading or sequins. Besides, washing it yourself is easier and faster than dry cleaning. We can walk you through the whole process step by step:

  1. Add the contents of a single use pod or a capful of Eucalan to your washing machine or sink with tepid water.

  2. Immerse your dress in water.

  3. Squeeze the dress with your hands gently to incorporate soap and water through the fabric. 

    1. Soak your dress for an additional 15 minutes.

  4. Eucalan does not require rinsing, but if you wish to, give it a gentle rinse under fresh tepid water.

  5. Remove from water and squeeze or spin out excess water.

  6. You may roll your dress in a clean, dry towel, to absorb excess moisture, but proceed slowly and carefully so beads or sequins don’t get stuck on towel fibres.

  7. Lay flat or hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat (your shower is a wonderful spot for this!).


It’s that easy!

Also, when you are preparing for a night out, make sure to pack a Eucalan stain treating towelette in your bag. It’s brilliant for cleaning up deodorant marks that can often appear on sleeveless dresses, or removing spills that you don’t want setting.

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