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Luxe Gift Guide: with Eco-Friendly Brands

May 7, 2024

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the special women in our lives than with thoughtful gifts that pamper and indulge?

This year, we're excited to present a curated selection of products that not only showcase luxury and quality but also several brands that embody a commitment to eco-consciousness through their 1% for the Planet membership (find those marked with a πŸŒŽ).


Let's start with the obvious - Eucalan is beloved by mothers worldwide for its gentle care and effective cleaning solutions. Eucalan's delicate wash is a staple in any laundry room, offering a natural and non-toxic formula that's perfect for delicate fabrics like silk, linen, and more. Whether it's her favorite silk blouse or cherished linen bedding, Eucalan ensures that Mom's most precious garments receive the TLC they deserve, preserving their beauty for years to come.


Pairing seamlessly with the Eucalan delicate wash are two luxurious options: the Blissy pure silk pillowcase and the Quince linen pajama set. Crafted from luxury materials, both the Blissy pillowcase and Quince pajamas elevate Mom's sleep experience to new heights. Silk pillowcases are renowned for their ability to reduce friction and minimize hair breakage, while linen pajamas offer unparalleled breathability and comfort, making them ideal companions for a restful night's sleep. With Eucalan's delicate wash, Mom can keep these beloved items clean and fresh, ensuring that every night feels like a luxurious retreat.


In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we're proud to feature products from brands that are also members of 1% for the Planet. Day + West's skincare line exemplifies this ethos with its high-performance, luxurious formulations designed for sensitive skin. From the Strong Whisper Face Mist to the Gentle Armor Face + Neck Cream, each product is carefully crafted to promote soft, glowing skin without irritation, allowing Mom to indulge in a skincare routine that's both effective and gentle on the planet.


To rejuvenate Mom,  we recommend checking out Jibby. Jibby's Mushroom Coffee provides a nourishing blend that supports gut health, cognitive function, and immune support, ensuring that Mom starts her day on the right foot, both inside and out. As a 1% for the Planet member, Jibby is committed to not only bettering your health but our environment's.


For moments of relaxation, we turn to Happy Earth Tea Company. Happy Earth Tea's Culinary Matcha and Serentitea offer a delicious way to unwind. Whether Mom is whipping up a smoothie or enjoying a soothing cup of herbal tea, this 1% for the Planet brand has every tea variety imaginable. 


Last but not least, we invite Mom to indulge in a luxurious bath experience with Terralite's Coconut Milk Bath Soak, another 1% for the Planet member. Made with organic coconut milk and mineral-rich sea salts, this decadent soak nourishes the skin while soothing the mind, creating a blissful oasis of relaxation. With key ingredients like Coconut Milk Powder and Vanilla Extract, Mom can immerse herself in a fragrant, skin-softening bath that's as indulgent as it is rejuvenating. We picked up ours at Ró Homeshop!

This Mother's Day, celebrate Mom with gifts that show you care—gifts that pamper, indulge, and honor the planet we call home. With Eucalan and our curated selection of eco-conscious products, you can make Mom feel truly cherished on her special day.

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