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5 Tips to Organize Your Crafting Space

July 22, 2022

If you love to craft, chances are you have a healthy stash of supplies that you love using. The challenge is creating a work space that is beautiful and inspiring, while keeping your supplies neat and tidy so you can find them when you need them! Sometimes that project alone feels overwhelming. So we dove into Pinterest to find some of the best tips and tricks for organizing your space to turn it into your dream crafting environment.

Create a Workspace

No matter what your chosen craft, you need a space where you can work. This could be a larger table for fabric cutting or assembly, or a smaller desk for a computer or a sewing machine. Either way you’ll need a flat surface where you can work. We love this Ikea hack from Landeelu where she takes a table top, some legs, and adds extra storage with a square shelving unit. Or check out The Little Green Bean’s DIY Craft Room Island for a cutting table, sewing space, and fabric storage all in one. If space is tight, use what you’ve got. This gorgeous space from Beneath My Heart creates a flat surface and storage in an unused closet. Remove the doors to keep the space open, or leave them on to hide things away!

Think Vertical

Some of the best storage can be vertical! Your walls, the backs of doors, bookcases, and more can be great ways to store materials within eyesight, while making use of wasted space in a room. Want yarn storage that is also an art piece? Try creating an incredible yarn wall using this tutorial from HeartHookHome. Or add shelving units above your workspace like RepeatCrafterMe to create a beautiful, and functional, tableau to inspire you while you work. If you’re struggling with a small space, the secret to wall storage is a pegboard. Check out these gorgeous ones curated by That’s So Gemma for more inspiration.

Do-It-Yourself or Thrift

If you’ve got a craft room in need of organizing with next to no budget, you can likely create the craft space of your dreams with Do-It-Yourself projects or thrifted items. We love this AMAZING wool locker that WoodWoolStool found. And check out how Better Homes and Gardens upcycled a metal shower caddy into the perfect gift wrap and card writing station! You can likely find bookcases or unused bureaus at garage sales and thrift stores for very little – add paint or contact paper to make them match your decor, or just use them to keep your craft supplies tidy and out of sight. If new furniture isn’t in the cards, create your own. How cool are these DIY crate shelves from the Make & Do Crew?

Find a Place for Everything

This one is harder because it involves cleaning and organizing what you have (more about that next). But as you start to build out your craft space, make sure that everything has a place it belongs. Items will be easier to find when you need them, the space will allow you to see what you have, and you’ll always have a place to return things to. In addition to pegboard walls and shelves, think about how you can store bits and bobs and leftovers. How beautiful are these glass jars filled with pompoms, rickrack, and leftover bits of ribbon and yarn from Sweet Red Poppy? And this tutorial on organizing scrapbook paper scraps from Aubree Originals would also work for sewing or knitting patterns, or other paper crafts supplies. Even if you just want to better organize your children’s art supplies, a few shelves in a closet, some glass jars and baskets can do the trick – check out how Rachel Parcell created order out of chaos

Cleaning and Organizing

We’ve covered lots of tips and tricks for organizing over the years that we think can help you if you’re overwhelmed by the project:

  1. Take Inventory – We know every crafter has tons of supplies. It’s time to see what you have! Gather up all of your supplies together in one place. Don’t overthink it – just grab them all and bring them somewhere that you can get comfortable to do some sorting and evaluating. 
  2. Start Sorting – We invoke Marie Kondo quite often, but we’re really taken with her idea that what you have should spark joy. Start looking at your supplies and see what you’re still inspired by most – definitely keep those! Then look at items where your tastes may have changed, or you may have moved on to pursue other crafts. If these items are still in good shape consider donating them to a good cause (a retirement home, schools that might be looking for art supplies, etc.). If you find anything that seems at the end of its useful life, it’s time to toss it.
  3. Cleaning – While you’ve got your shelves and closets emptied and bins turned out, it’s time for a good deep cleaning! And this is where Eucalan Delicate Wash can help. Vacuum all areas you can and, if you find any stains or spots on the carpet, check out Freshen Up Your Home with Eucalan for tips on removing them using Eucalan. Create a diluted solution of Eucalan and water in a spray bottle and use it and a cloth to wipe down any flat surfaces (shelves, drawers, work tables, etc.) and dust. You might as well start organizing in a clean space! 
  4. Start Organizing – Start putting items away and arranging them in a manner that seems logical to you. Gather like weights of yarn together, organize paints or fabric by color to create a beautiful rainbow spectrum, and start finding a space for everything. If you’d like to label your containers wait until your reorganization is complete – you never know when you might swap out a bin here or there and you’ll only want to label once!

Whether you’ve got a small or large space, we hope we’ve given you a few ideas on how to clean, organize and build the crafting space of your dreams. And we’re not done – we’re still collecting ideas on our new Pinterest board – Organizing Your Craft Space. We’ll leave you with a few craft spaces we would love to spend time in!

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